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Happy IAE Day!

✨💫⭐️ Happy IAE Day 2017!

The eQuilt is up and we absolutely love it! Thanks to all for sharing your voices. Hope you think as awesome as we do!

Made with loving care, we more than welcome everyone to participate in this year’s, “Fourth Annual e-Quilt for Idiopathic Angioedema Day! 100 Voices! 100 Likes! 100 Shares!” A community event sponsored by, Life Without A Fork, Inc., today, 23 June 2017 we are, once again, acknowledging, celebrating and honoring those of us who are living with and dying from Idiopathic Angioedema! People with all forms of this condition as well as the overlapping conditions of mast-cell activation disorders, urticaria and anaphylaxis are absolutely welcome to participate. Share, like and comment on this designated day in celebration of #The80Percent!

May this day forever be a reminder that survivors of this rare, life-threatening, condition deserve to be seen, heard, respected, and properly treated in their respective social, medical, and big pharma communities and that our fallen soldiers should be remembered for their struggle as well as the courageous efforts it took for them to keep going until the end.

Join in the celebration, today! Be sure to like, comment and share on this, our very special, most certainly well earned day!


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Please remember to donate to our non profit for the
#IdiopathicAngioedemaGlobalAdvocatesOutreach programs and help us help so many others!

Visit our website: https://lifewithoutafork.com/idiopathic-angioedema-day/
Follow us on Twitter: @LifeWithouta4k

Life Without A Fork Presents…The Fourth Annual eQuilt for IAE Day, 23 June 2017

Source: Happy IAE Day!

Happy IAE Day!

Happy IAE Day! « Life Without A Fork

IDIOPaTHIC Angioedema Day IS 23 JUNE 2017!


Note: We welcome you to contact us here, on our #FacebookPage, or on our website if you’d like to have your very own photo put into this year’s flyer and celebrate #IAEDay with us!!!




Source: Happy IAE Day!

IAE Day 2017 is just weeks away, get your voices heard and your love shared on this year’s e-quilt! 


#IdiopathicAngioedemaDay was created by The #LifeWithoutAFork Advocacy Group, Inc. on 23 June 2014 to celebrate the largest number and least recognized sufferers of all cases of angioedema, idiopathic angioedema, also socio-medically designated as,

Source: Happy IAE Day!

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Happy holidays, Vikki, from Vanessa Williams and The Life Without A Fork Advocacy Group!

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Who Gives A Fork?!

Give A Fork | Leave A Legacy   Life Without A Fork is excited to announce it’s, “Give A Fork, Leave A Legacy,” initiative! We welcome you to leave your imprint on idiopathic …

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Absolutely adorable and great feel-good companions for the heart, make someone’s dreams come true this holiday season with Life Without A Fork’s precious collectible dolls! Your support…

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