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Help make someone’s dreams come true 2017 and beyond with Life Without A Fork’s Precious Collectible Dolls! Absolutely adorable and great feel-good companions for the heart!

On 18 December, Global Angioedema Advocate, Vanessa Williams, met with and gifted the Life Without A Fork Collectible Doll, Kelsey, to beautiful 18-year-old hereditary angioedema survivor, Victoria Inamagua, in Hollywood, California!

Per Vanessa Williams recommendation, Victoria had successfully travelled from Mineappolis, MN to San Diego, CA to see leading angioedema specialist, Dr. Marc Riedl. It was a great visit overall for Victoria and it took a lot, financially and pysicall, for her to make both trips, to see Dr. Riedl and to have the opportunity to meet with Vanessa Williams in Hollywood who later received this text from her mom, Nina Riechard, “It was so great to see you! And thank you so much for EVERYTHING!!!! You are officially another mom for Vikki! We will definitely be keeping in touch…”

Your support is vital in enabling us to continue our advocacy efforts! By donating $250 or more you will receive one of our beautiful antique treasures to keep for your personal enjoyment or you may also gift your doll to a charity or child of your choosing who may be living with angioedema, mast cell activation disorders, urticaria, anaphylaxis, Chrohn’s and any other chronic invisible disability.


Melissa Jane | Life Without A Fork Collectible Doll


Laura | Life Without A Fork Collectible Doll


12.18.16 | Beautiful Kelsey, a Life Without A Fork Collectible Doll has lovingly been gifted to hereditary angioedema survivor, Victoria Inamagua! | Happy holidays, Vikki, from Vanessa Williams and The Life Without A Fork Advocacy Group!


Narubi | Life Without A Fork Collectible Doll


Emily | Life Without A Fork Collectible Doll


Dennis | Life Without A Fork Collectible Doll


Amanda | Life Without A Fork Collectible Doll


Rebecca | Life Without A Fork Collectible Doll

“Why Donate to, “Life Without A Fork?” By, Erin Burnette Tregeagle, Salt Lake City, UT

Choosing a meaningful cause is something personal to everyone in the position to give. Many have a special cause they want to support, but what if you’re not sure which cause to choose or if it’s something you can fully commit to giving? We want you to feel that your hard earned money and support is helping change lives and giving will help you feel a sense of closeness to our angioedema community. We understand that giving is a very personal decision and we appreciate your willingness to consider our cause here at, Life Without A Fork. Ask yourself these important questions: Are there specific issues you’re passionate about or in which you firmly believe? Does the cause you’re investigating move you? Is this a cause you would share with your friends and family? Did something meaningful happen to you or to a family member or friend that you would like to honor? Do you want to honor or support a loved one who can’t do it for themselves? Do you want to support a cause locally or globally? Is it important to you that your money goes to benefit a group or a person? Who will this cause support and how will your contribution make a difference?

A meaningful cause has only one criteria, it needs to matter to you! Those who have been recipients of donations often express how it saved their life and gave them meaning to continue. For most, it can be a very powerful experience that can continue for years to come. Before you donate, explore what the organization does and look over photos and view videos. We would love your support. Please click the gofundme link below donate to, Life Without A Fork Documentary’s, advocacy efforts. We all benefit when we come together to save and improve upon quality of lives for others.

Many thanks for your benevolence.





We are grateful because we know that the recognition, that firm tap on the shoulder for universal support is finally here for us! For you! We’re excited because we know you all continue to play such an unique part in making great things happen in the #Angioedema and #MastCellActivationDisorders worlds!

Our goals:
~To secure a minimal of ten major TV news and talk show appearances for leading #IdiopathicAngioedema advocate, #VanessaWilliams–will you do your part in making this happen?!
~Corporate Social Responsibility
~ Continue to share #LifeWithoutAForkDocumentary!

Over the years and like the foundation of the Brooklyn Bridge (an awesome study Vanessa helped an architectural intern complete once upon a job-time) she has, unremittingly and firmly, laid the groundwork for our beyond important advocacy efforts. Alas, like her Master’s degree, it can not be rescinded! It is can not be undone. We are here!

In fact, there are many amongst this chronically ill group who are all kinds of, “degree’d-up,” are now and perhaps even disabled. One of #LifeWithoutAFork‘s newest friends, Jennifer Harrison, holds a PhD and yet spends most of her time dealing with idiopathic anaphylaxis, sometimes 2-3 episodes per day. Her speech is impaired, this bothers her, immensely, she has trouble typing, and she wants so much to do more for our community of sufferers.

Like the outreach work itself, time is of the essence so hoping like Jennifer, you all will continue to survive your illness, help how and where you can as well as check-in today and let us know you are still here how you are doing.

Katya Williams

Thanks for sharing in our gallery’s posts, events, and overall advocacy efforts.


We need media attention around our outreach efforts like, yesterday! Please contact your local news media, churches, and health food chains, as well as your favorite talk show and radio show hosts, bloggers, YouTube personalities, and more, and mention the great work Vanessa Williams has been doing for so very many years as well as the importance of our cause for #AngioedemaCure. It really does take a village!

We appreciate your ongoing support!

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To help keep our global outreach efforts free we ask that you donate to our ongoing campaign below and most sincerely hope that your swells will forever be minimal at worst.

~ Donate Here for Life Without A Fork’s Outreach Initiatives ~

Life Without A Fork Is A Not-for-Profit Corporation

As always, we appreciate your ongoing support.

Disclaimer: Our page is a community service to our users. The information provided on this site is meant for informational purposes only., Inc., The Idiopathic Angioedema Global Advocacy Group, and its employees and affiliates are not responsible for the accuracy of any information herein contained. You are encouraged to validate any information we provide with proper professional consultation.

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